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Based in Duncan, B.C., Jules Sherred is an award-winning commercial food photographer and stylist, and the author of the award-nominated cookbook Crip Up the Kitchen: Tools, Tips and Recipes for the Disabled Cook.

A lifelong athlete, once upon a time, he danced around 20 around a week until multiple disabilities and chronic health issues made that impossible. Now an ambulatory wheelchair user, one of these disabilities is a benign spinal cord tumour that is slowly reducing function of his right leg.

He accidentally discovered the joys of bodybuilding when he began to work with a trainer. What started with a focus in strength and functional mobility to keep him safe during falls turned into a journey towards natural competition bodybuilding as a way to celebrate a fast approaching 50th birthday.

This site is dedicated to his ramblings about how he got to where he is and his journey towards where he is going, while dismantled the toxic myths and unhealthy diet culture that permeates bodybuilding and fitness.

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